Airlines and Twitter – Who’s Getting It and Who’s Not

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July 17, 2009 – When it comes to social networks like Twitter, most major companies by now have at least tried to create some kind of presence to communicate with customers and take advantage of the gigantic popularity of social media. While it’s difficult to gage successful between companies in significantly different industries, i.e. Whole Foods vs Dell doesn’t really work out, but what if we could compare major companies in the same industry to see how they are handling their social media accounts?

Well thanks to a fabulous new article in Adage, we can. The piece discusses the Twitter profiles of major airlines, who’s getting great responses and who is dropping the ball. Below are a few highlights, but you should really read the whole piece to see all of this info in perspective:

Who has the most followers?

  • Jet Blue (885,000)
  • Southwest (290,000)
  • Virgin America (24,000)
  • United (16,000)
  • Delta Airlines (7,300)
  • American Airlines (5,600)

It’s not entirely surprising (to me anyway) that the older (or “legacy”) airlines have the fewest followers and don’t really seem to know what to do with their accounts yet. To be fair, American Airlines did not lauch their Twitter profile until April of this year, but perhaps that in itself is revealing about the company’s attitude towards social media.

Worst Offender

According to the story on Adage, Delta have not updated their Twitter posts since June 17. That’s a month, a month of having a Twitter profile for a gigantic company who’s entire industry is basically driven by customer service just sit there, ignoring the posts of followers asking questions or making comments, and even worse, completely ignoring the PR nightmares of customers relaying horror stories about their brand across the Internet without joining in the conversation. For shame Delta, for shame.

How is your company embracing social media? Leave a comment and let us know!

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