Almost 50% of Twitter Users Tweet and Respond to Brands

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November 6, 2009 – Twitter may have a much larger impact for brands on social media networks than was previously believed according to a new study released by Performics and ROI Research.

The new study revealed that 48% of Twitter users who saw a brand mention on the popular microblogging service then went to a search engine to find the product mentioned. Other social networks only reported that 34% of their users responded similarly. The social media study looked at 3,000 active social network users in the U.S. who were asked to answer a 100 question survey focused on their social media usage, advertising, and how they find new products online.

At least 30% of the respondents admitted to learning about a new product, service, or brand on through their social networks, with 27% saying are receptive to offers and promotions from advertisers.

This is great news for businesses looking to break into social networking who may have been concerned about the power of online marketing through social media websites like Twitter. This study also proves that not all ROI from social networking is trackable, since these Twitter users left the site and used a search engine to find the brand or product in question instead of clicking a link on the service itself.

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