And the Winner of our Name That Fish Contest is…

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January 24, 2011 – It’s time! The winning name of our Name That Fish contest is…..


Rocky Balbeta!

Congratulations to Linnea B. for submitting the winning name! We’ll be in contact to get your address so you can enjoy your WDWC blaze orange tote bag and delicious Swedish Fish! Thanks to everyone’s submissions – we may have another naming contest soon if we decide to get Rocky a tankmate! (we’re looking at a Ghost Shrimp – too cute!).

Our little fish contest and poll was a great example of how your content can take a break from the norm and still work on growing and expanding your client reach. Invite new social media followers to participate in non-work related events like these and they just may remember your company later! Even if some of our participants aren’t in the market for a great content marketing company, they may know someone who is!

Another topic that came to mind during this past week’s blogs and fish contest content was the timing of when you post your content to your social media profile. We had a lot of thoughts on that – so much that it will be the focus of our next few blogs!

Don’t worry, Rocky Balbeta will be appearing from time to time in random Friday Fish specials!


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