Are you flying your social media plane blind?

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July 12, 2010 – Too often, companies see a new trend in Internet marketing and think they need to jump right on the bandwagon. As with any marketing strategy, you need to consider the scope of the method and determine if that’s the right sort of venue for your legal advertising.

In the world of social media, many companies see the medium as a magic pill to reach the new generation of consumers who rely heavily on services like Facebook and Twitter to make consumer decisions. Just like any other marketing method, if your law firm is considering taking the plunge into social media, you need to first develop a plan.

Jumping into social media blindly can result in mismanagement, poor response, and a lot of wasted time and money. If you don’t have a plan to manage who has access to post, a content schedule, and a designated person to check and respond to client interaction, you may as well forget about using social media all together.

Successful social media campaigns are ones that are planned out well in advance of the creation of your profile. Remember that the Internet is a public venue, and any fumbling around you do on your social media profiles will appear amateurish and unreliable to potential clients.

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