Are You Focusing on Social Media or Social Media Marketing?

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August 25, 2010 – What good are Facebook fans and Twitter followers if that’s all they do – follow?

If your company wants to succeed in the world of social media you need to decide if you’re doing social media for the sake of social media or for the sake of marketing.
You’re probably saying to yourself that the purpose of your business having a social media presence IS for marketing. While that’s true initially, you should be using your presence to build your brand as well.

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Is your social media strategy creating calls or just gathering fans?

Here’s the big difference between social media and social media marketing: Social media focuses not on how many fans and followers you have, but the quality of their interaction and their connection to your company. Social media marketing is all about more bang for your buck, more followers, more growth.

The important thing to realize here is that while a social media marketer may have more fans to post to, those fans aren’t all necessarily quality clients that are going to help grow your business.
Most of them either liked your page because a friend did, or you offered some incentive to get them to like you.

A pure social media campaign is one that doesn’t worry if they’re not getting 100 new fans a day, because the fans they do get are true fans.
They know your brand, they comment/interact with your posts, and they’re a fan of the services you offer, not just your name.

In the end, a company with a good social media strategy doesn’t have to worry about “fair-weather fans” that will probably un-like your page once your fan incentive is over or they’re cleaning up their pages. The fans they have will remain fans even though there’s no gift/contest incentive to do so.

Your goal with social media is to reach out to your clients in a more personal setting, giving them the same quality information and personal attention they would get from you in your office.
Of course, remember it’s a public forum, so you can’t get too far into the services you offer, but you can extend a general hand of help and guide them to your resources.

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