Are you making the most of your referral power?

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July 29, 2010 – Yesterday we blogged about the power of Facebook promoting similar pages your clients’ friends have “liked” as a part of gaining followers. This new form of “word of mouth” is actually being done without your clients even opening their lips!

But what about the traditional world of word of mouth; the more conscious forms of client-driven advertising? You shouldn’t neglect what a real, honest opinion from a current client can do for bringing in new clients. Most of the time on social networks, when a user “likes” your page they don’t even realize that they just promoted your page to all their friends.

While it’s certainly not a bad thing that all of a sudden John Smith’s 124 friends see he became a fan of XYZ Law Offices, it also doesn’t hold much power in persuading his friends to become clients. To really step up in the word-of-mouth marketing game, you need to give your clients something to talk about!

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Hey Bob, I know this GREAT attorney…


There’s no shame in asking your clients for referrals – that’s how many businesses thrive. If you’ve given your client good, quality service there’s no reason they should be against bringing up your name if someone asks them if they know a good attorney. A common practice is to offer an incentive to referring clients, like a gift or discount on service for every new client they bring in.

Testimonials are one of the greatest marketing tools you can have at your disposal.
The real experiences and opinions of an actual client are worth way more than just hearing the attorney talk about how qualified they are. When a testimonial comes from a person your potential client knows, it packs an even harder punch.

You can’t just generate testimonials and good word-of-mouth press, you have to earn it. This means going above and beyond just being a lawyer – you need to offer your client that extra bit of service to really stand out to them. The information you offer potential clients before they join your legion of fans is one of the first impressions they’ll have of your service.

By offering visitors to your website quality, relevant content in the form of articles, blogs and e-books, you’ll show them that you’re not just the average lawyer looking for a case. When your consumer guides end up in the offices of your clients or on their coffee table, that’s silent word-of-mouth advertising that catches new clients’ eyes.

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