Are Your Landing Pages Relevant?

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July 20, 2009 – When you are looking through the bounce rates and overall conversions for your website. It’s best to take a good, long look at the landing pages you are directing people to.

In the world of search, a lot of people will be finding your website through links and SEO keywords that send them to landing pages that are not your homepage. It’s important that these landing pages give the kind of great first impression you want your homepage to reflect. In addition to great Web design and easy navigation, you need to make sure your landing page’s SEO content is doing what it needs to do to increase your conversion rates.

A common mistake is creating vague, fluffed landing pages that do not contain any of the real info Internet searchers are looking for. If a person is searching for information about car accident attorneys and you send them to a landing page that only generally discusses personal injury, your reader is going to lose interest and look for that specific information elsewhere.

Try to create landing pages that contain specific, relevant SEO content that directly relates to the keywords that generated those interests in the first place. Tricking someone into visiting your website is no way to attract new customers. People will be clicking the back button way before getting anywhere near your call to action.

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