Attorneys! Are You Using SEO in your Offline Marketing?

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Search Engine Land had a great post this morning that immediately made me think of our Attorney clients and their offline marketing. So many of our clients are using TV, billboards, emails and PPC.

marketing stats on offline  marketing

Are you keeping track of your ads? Are you pushing your ad traffic to your website a phone number or both? For attorneys, it makes sense to do both but most importantly phone numbers because of the instant gratification and need a client may have. Are your branded commercials sending clients to your website to take advantage of a free report or read free content that may persuade them to make a decision? Are you creating content that helps pre-qualify your perfect client?

optimizing a billboard with SEO

How are you integrating your ads with Social? 


Are you sharing commercials or billboard images? These tactics can all help with branding and getting you recognized socially, helping you stay top of mind.


How are you using email marketing with your list of current clients and non-clients?


Are you delivering a newsletter? Every lead should fall into a drip campaign and continue a nurturing process. Just because they aren’t retaining you today does not make them a client tomorrow.  With  systems like infusionsoft, you can tag clients based on the intake information and deliver specific content. How can you use SEO in email?

The answer would be structured markup. However, I am not sure how you can use this with attorneys other than ad images.


How are you handling your intakes for potential case referrals like social security or mass torts? 


I love this topic as my friend and partner Ken LaVan owner of LaVan and Neidenberg and CaseGhost a Legal Process outsourcing company trains his clients and his team. ” When you’re buying advertising and paying for leads its important you are getting the most out of your investment, which is why an intake is one the most important steps in our process. We qualify claimants for Social security but in the application process there is an opportunity for several other revenue sources.” – Ken LaVan


I hope this information and these questions are helpful to you. My goal is for my clients and friends to understand that there is a place for SEO, but there is an importance in all of your marketing. Both online and offline synergy is what’s proven to drive results. Don’t put all your eggs into the SEO basket.  Ask around, what are the masterminds in your market doing? If you are not part of a group check out PILMMA with Ken Hardison or GLM with Ben Glass. Both great groups with different levels of attorneys.


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