Avoid Personal Injury Marketing Scams Trying to Promote Your Law Firm

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Is your law firm looking to do some personal injury marketing? Whether you’re opening a new law firm, rebranding, or just looking to expand your client base, when you show an active interest in law firm marketing, you’re bound to get plenty of offers to help.

Internet marketing companies actively seek out businesses that are researching online marketing methods such as web content optimization, local business listings, and inclusion on directories. Your law firm should already be ranking on search engines with the right web content strategy in place, and most business directories only require a simple, free profile to be set up to include your office on their pages.

These are just a few of the legitimate ways to improve your personal injury marketing – there are many more to explore, but also many to avoid. One of the less than truthful methods of advertising for your law firm is the inclusion in a “Top” or “Best” list.

Congratulations, you’ve been selected as a top/best/influential…!

It’s an e-mail every lawyer would love to see in their inbox – a letter informing them that they’ve been selected as part of an elite group of attorneys to be listed on a professional directory. The letters go on to tell you that you’ve been specially singled out, not everyone gets this opportunity, maybe even that someone in your community has nominated you.

While it all sounds legitimate, then you get further in to what you need to do to accept your nomination and claim your award. “Just send us one simple payment of $195 and you’ll be added to our list of the best lawyers!”

Since when did getting an award or commendation cost money?

There are plenty of free directories for local businesses such as Yelp and MerchantCircle. There are even industry specific directories such as AVVO which offer a free listing with optional upgrades.

If a company comes to you with an “exclusive” offer or a “special award” it’s more often just a marketing tactic to get you to buy the listing service. Real awards are earned, not paid for!

Don’t Pay to Enter Business Recognition Contests

Having to pay an entry fee to enter a contest for business recognition is often another sign that you’re just being scammed. If a legitimate organization is giving out awards, they typically do so without prompting the recipient to pay a fee. Prestigious awards in the legal field are most often obtained after nominations are gathered from other professionals – not from payments from the nominees themselves.

If you’ve been given the “opportunity” to enter a law firm or lawyer recognition contest it may be wise to do a little research first if it charges an entry fee. Ask to see the list of entrants from last year and compare it to the previous year’s winner list. If they refuse to disclose that information, or if the lists are identical, you’re most likely looking at a marketing scam. They don’t want to give out prestigious awards; they want to collect entry fees!

When you’re looking for legitimate services for personal injury marketing you should be paying for services, not opportunities. We Do Web Content can help lawyers and law firms improve their online presence to reach and engage more clients. Give us a call or fill out our contact form for an evaluation of your law firm’s website. 888-521-3880.