Avoid Stirring up Trouble with Google’s Panda by Updating Old Content

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March 10, 2011 – We’re back with some new tips on how to handle Google’s latest algorithm update, which has a super cute name now – the Panda update!

panda (1)

andas may be cute but Google’s Panda can be a tough customer when it comes to low-quality content.

In prior blogs we explained what content farm material Google was targeting, and provided some tips on how to avoid being considered a site of low-quality content. While this helped reduce the page rankings of thousands of legitimate content farms, it may have also hurt several reputable websites.

Within days of the release of the Panda algorithm change Google began receiving complaints from websites who felt they were wrongfully penalized for their content. While most of these were high-profile article sites like Suite101, we’re sure there must have been several small business websites who may have felt the teeth of the Panda.

Even if you didn’t run into any problems with the Panda update, there’s always time to consider your own website’s reputation when it comes to quality content. If you’ve been around for a few years there’s sure to be some old articles and blogs in need of updating!

We suggest going back into your old archives and blowing the Internet dust off some of these old pieces.
 Update them with some fresh content, check for bad or outdated links, and if there’s statistics involved it never hurts to post some current ones! This will help your search engine rankings in 2 ways: first it will show you posting updated, fresh content (which Google still loves) and it’ll keep the Panda at bay by adding high-quality, unique content to your website.

Of course, not everyone has the time to go back and assess their old articles and blogs for topics to be updated.
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