AVVO Proves a Success for Off-Site Legal Marketing

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off-site legal marketing, online article marketing, content for lawyersThe online legal service AVVO is turning heads after its recent round of financing raised $37.5 million for development and enhancement of its services. AVVO currently provides one of the most trusted legal directories in the United States with nearly 95 percent of U.S. attorneys rated in its database.

Unlike many lawyer directory sites that only provide basic company information, AVVO goes beyond the basics to give lawyers an opportunity to fully showcase their legal expertise. AVVO profiles can be enhanced with full biographies, lists of speaking engagements and publications, and most importantly, personal legal content.

AVVO Enhances Legal Marketing with Trusted Content

AVVO has two unique services that enhance its legal marketing methods. While most lawyer directories require attorneys to pay a premium to enhance their profiles, AVVO lets any attorney in its files contribute to its legal libraries and question and answer section.

Attorneys looking to increase their online reputation and attract new clients are encouraged to actively participate in the Q&A section where people seeking answers to legal questions can post question to the forum. Lawyers can search the forum for their particular area of law and respond to questions, building a pre-client relationship and improving the follow-through for potential clients who are undecided on their need for legal representation.

The legal library on AVVO contains over three million articles, spanning hundreds of legal topics. Any attorney with an AVVO profile can contribute an article to the library, which is one of the most highly trusted libraries of legal advice online. AVVO pages are highly ranked as authoritative sources on Google and We Do Web Content has seen tremendous success from our clients who contribute regularly to AVVO’s legal library.

“The external article marketing strategy with AVVO is bringing in an average of seven to ten new referrals for our clients every month,” says Alex Valencia, Sales Manager at We Do Web Content. “By diversifying the placement of the content we write, our clients are able to expand their reach and create a positive reputation on AVVO. It’s a reputable, trusted site, and people seeking legal information often trust the first impression of third party review sources more than a lawyer’s personal website.”

Integrating AVVO Articles into Your Legal Marketing

We Do Web Content develops custom content specifically designed for AVVO’s list-style article format. Through regular contributions to AVVO’s legal directory, our clients have increased their peer and client rankings, boosting their third-party reputation. When potential clients turn to AVVO for legal advice, the content path is created to lead them from the lawyer’s legal article to his or her full profile, and then either to the lawyer’s website for more in-depth information or directly to taking action by calling the attorney.

Over the years, AVVO’s submission format has changed, and We Do Web Content remains up to date with the most recent formatting standards and topic curation. With AVVO’s new funding, CEO Mark Britton says it will focus on acceleration: “[W]e need to help more consumers make better legal decisions and find the right lawyer.” Britton also wants to focus on enhancements for lawyers who develop their profiles and legal contributions to “help great lawyers get more business.”

No matter what AVVO has in store for enhancing its legal marketing services, We Do Web Content will keep up with the latest in marketing strategies for our clients. If your law firm is looking for expanded exposure to clients in need of legal services, off-site legal marketing with AVVO is a content service you should consider. To get started, give us a call or fill out our contact form to speak with our sales manager about adding online article marketing to your legal marketing plan: 888-521-3880.