Back to Basics: Spelling and Grammar Web Optimization for Panda

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Blog Series: Revisiting Your Google Panda Web Content Optimization

November 22, 2011 – If you’re ready to go back and start optimizing your Web content to be Google Panda compliant, you should start at the basic level of quality content – spelling and grammar.

It may seem like common sense that quality Web content is well written and grammatically correct, but you’d be amazed at the little tiny typos that can slip through the cracks. While Google claims it doesn’t directly penalize sites for poor spelling, their search quality guru, Matt Cutts, does say that it could be used as a signal of poor quality content. He even discusses the topic in one of his famous YouTube blogs.

Think about it this way: quality content that’s gone through Web optimization is typically written at a middle to high school grade level, meaning it should have the proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar that would make your 9th grade English teacher proud.

When Web content is written at a high quality level it should be error-free. Because Google DOES rank for quality of content, making sure your older Web content is correct in both spelling and grammar is a great way of optimizing Web content for Google Panda. All in all, you’re looking to build your page’s reputation, and when your content reads on a more professionally written level – in other words, not plagued by typos and bad grammar – you’ll be seen as a more relevant search result!

Even great writers can make a typo here and there, and Microsoft Word won’t catch it all. That’s why it’s vital to have a real, live human doing the heavy lifting on your behalf.

At We Do Web Content, our dedication to proper spelling and grammar starts at the very beginning of our Web content production process. We carefully screen our pool of talented writers, hiring only those proven to produce top quality content.

Once written, every piece of content goes through at least two sets of eyes – sometimes even four! Our editors are trained not only in Web optimization, but in grammar and punctuation standards as well. Our team is vigilant in its quest to keep our clients’ Web content free of errors.

When you work with WDWC in optimizing Web content for your site in order to rank better with Google Panda, you can rest assured that you’ll get a product that hits all the right marks!

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