Bad Faith Insurance and Hurricane Damage Claims

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If your home has experienced extensive hurricane damage, a dispute with your homeowner’s insurance carrier can aggravate an already critical situation. If your insurance carrier is acting in bad faith in responding to your hurricane damage claims, you have several options for legal recourse, including filing a complaint with the Department of Insurance in your state or consulting an attorney that is experienced in bad faith insurance.

Confused about what constitutes bad faith? Listed below are a few examples of an insurance carrier are acting in bad faith:

  • Policy provisions are ambiguous or open to interpretation
  • Insurance carrier refuses to investigate your claim
  • Carrier is not honoring provisions in your policy
  • Carrier ceases to communicate with you
  • Carrier withholds vital information from you

Your state’s Department of Insurance can assist you in filing a formal complaint of bad faith against your insurance carrier. This process can be fruitful, but time consuming, and some consumers choose to expedite the matter by hiring a bad faith insurance attorney.

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