Battle Acne Scars with All Natural Remedies

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Whether you typically use alternative medicine for any medical issue you might have, or are just out of ideas to eliminate your acne scars, natural treatments might be a valuable resource to explore.

Holistic acne remedies make use of naturally occurring items, like essential oils, plants, and even food. In fact, most people have the ingredients for natural scar and acne treatments right at home.

Here are a few ingredients Disabled World recommends for acne treatment:

  • Lemon juice
  • Sliced tomato
  • Olive oil
  • Honey
  • Lavender oil
  • Ice cubes
  • Egg whites

The website also recommends making masks of a few different ingredients. For example, sandalwood and rosewater can be mixed and left on your face overnight to cool and soothe the scars. Tomatoes and cucumbers can be combined to tighten pores. Woman Junction suggests mixing ground nutmeg and milk together to help get rid of scarring.

Most of these home remedies can be created for little or no money. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on medical treatments, but are desperate to eliminate acne scars, don’t give up hope. Natural home acne remedies could be just what you need to get rid of scars for good.

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