Be “On Time” With Your Social Media Content (Part 2)

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January 26, 2011 – So now that you’ve got a good idea about when to post your Web content to increase its overall effectiveness in reaching your audience, you need an effective way to consistently post that content online.

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Scheduling can be a breeze with social media apps!

No one wants to be a slave to their social media profile – even those Farmville addicts take a break now and then! One of our favorite methods of making sure that our content gets out on a regular basis is to create a schedule through a third party social media tool like HootSuite.

We chose HootSuite because not only is it free on PCs and on your smartphone, but it also lets us control multiple Facebook pages and Twitter feeds all at once! With HootSuite, we work a week behind on our blog posts which allows us to schedule a whole weeks’ worth of social media content to post in just 10 minutes.

Many of our daily blogs are actually written a week in advance and then promoted through our social media channels the next. This way we have our great content written exclusively for the client by our WDWC writing team all ready to roll. A short intro is written to accompany the content link, and then the post is scheduled for the proper day and time.

Applications like HootSuite make life easier when you’re building a reputable, consistent Web content strategy. Your fans may find themselves waiting for their daily 3 p.m. blog post, and you’ll never have to worry about delivering if you work with WDWC! We can provide you with the quality, organic content that’s relevant to your clients’ needs and help you make sure it’s delivered in the most effective, consistent methods available!

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