Become a Quoted News Source and Boost Your Reputation

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Getting your name in the news is one of the main ways businesses can boost their reputation and generate more exposure. A news feature specifically about your company is a rare instance – you’re more apt to be sought for a quote or comment on a topic related to your industry. However, even these media outreaches are few and far between, unless you know the tricks to boosting your credibility as a resource to reporters.

Three common ways to become an information source for journalists are issuing press releases, making personal connections, and using services like HARO – Help A Reporter Out.

The Internet Can Help You Become an Expert Source in Your Industry

When something big happens in your industry or local community you may have a prime opportunity to talk about it in a press release. Press releases are a hot type of timely web content that can generate thousands of views when published on the proper channels.

The best thing about press releases is that they are very authoritative content. Many journalists pick up press releases and quote them in their own pieces, especially when written by industry professionals. Attorneys are often quoted from press releases they publish on recent legal decisions and changes in local or national laws.

Another online service is HARO, Help A Reporter Out. This service is free for basic use and offers enhanced services for a subscription fee. The premise is simple: professionals sign up and identify their expertise and credentials through their profile. Then reporters seeking sources for their assignments put out notices asking for quotes, opinions and interviews about their topic. If you find a request that interests you, all you have to do is submit a reply and if chosen you may find your name in the next big news article!

Become a Known Expert in Your Area and Let Requests Come to You

Professional reputation is often the reason many business owners are sought for a quotable opinion on a news topic. For reporters to come to you looking for a quoted source, you’ll need to have established a solid presence in your community or industry.

For example, media may call upon a local attorney who handled a high-profile traffic accident in the past for an opinion on recent changes to the use of red light cameras at the intersection where that crash occurred.

The more involved you are in your community, the more trust you can build with local journalists. Many local news stations often have preferred “local experts” for various news topics in the area. By promoting your business through informative, quality web content and good social networking with your community and clients you can establish your name as a front-runner in your industry.

Publicity through local news outlets – print, TV, radio, or web – is important to help keep your local business thriving. We Do Web Content is dedicated to helping local businesses create an authoritative presence on the web and capture the local search market through online business listings and social networking.

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