Best Buy Switching Focus to Connections Over Products

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July 17, 2009 – Consumer electronics giant Best Buy, thinks the future of their products has less to do with the products themselves and more about how consumers will connect with those gadgets based on what products they currently own.

Shari Ballard, the EVP/retail channel Manager for Best Buy, said, “we see tremendous opportunity around how those devices work with each other, and with content people already own. People are trying to do things with their technology products, not just acquire them.”

Based on this theory, Best Buy is switching their focus from strictly promoting the latest gadgets to more behavioral based targeting that helps consumers build value within the products they would get the most use out of according to their individual needs and preferences. While this type of behavioral marketing existed in some capacity before, it seems like it will become the major cultural shift in how Best Buy approaches its customers in-store and online.

Ballard’s goal is to fill-in the gap between the potential of new tech products and how consumers will actually use them. If they can successfully shift their marketing and customer service practices towards this new goal it seems like both the retailer and the consumer will win out in the long run.

Read the entire story on Mediapost.

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