Best Search Engine Blogs of 2009

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December 30, 2009 – It’s almost the end of the year so WDWC is putting together our favorite blogs from 2009. While we would like to think you’ve read everything we published this year, chances are you may have mixed a few blogs along the way. The following is our top 5 Search Engine blogs featuring tips for optimizing your web content and getting your search engine rankings front and center.

  1. Optimizing Your Website for Multiple Search Engines – Does Bing look at the same factors as Google when ranking your website? Learn how to get all your bases covered and stay search engine friendly.
  2. SEO Keywords and Meta Tags – Don’t know anything about keywords and how to integrate them into your website? Learn how to focus your keywords with this helpful blog.
  3. SEO Advice (and What to Avoid!) – These simple tips can you manage and plan your SEO efforts at any stage of your site’s development.
  4. Are Your Landing Pages Relevant? – Landing pages are often the first thing a new customer sees when they visit your website. Check out this blog to determine if your landing pages are working hard or hardly working.
  5. Optimizing Your Blog – All the content on your website should be optimized, as well as any content you publish externally. Learn more about getting the most out of your blog with these easy optimization tips.

We hope you’ve learned a lot in 2009. We know we have. If you have any questions about SEO you’d like us to answer in a blog or a topic you think we should cover, leave a comment and let us know!

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