Better Local Branding With Twitter Cards: Go Beyond 140 Characters

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Ever get the feeling that 140 characters just aren’t enough to hook your potential readers (and clients) and drive them to your web content? Twitter Cards allow small business owners an opportunity to stand apart in a stream of generic Tweets and possibly improve local search rankings.

These enhanced Tweets give users an enticing sneak-peek as to what to expect when clicking on your shared links. Instead of seeing a bland headline or non-descriptive bitly link, your followers will receive expanded information about what you are sharing.

What is a Twitter Card and how do I get one?

A Twitter card is similar to the link previews you’ve come to expect on platforms like Facebook and Google+. They generally include a thumbnail image, extended text, and information about the number of retweets, favorites, and source attribution for the Tweet. There are seven styles from which to choose, ranging from a summary card, to one highlighting photo galleries or products and services.

The cards require adding a few lines of basic HTML coding to your web pages. The cards use tags that are similar to those you’ll find in Open Graph. This may be an ideal task to delegate to your web developer, SEO, or web marketing team. Note that the Cards are available to WordPress users with an install of a WordPress SEO Plugin.

Once the coding is in place, users who Tweet a link to your “carded” web content, will be sharing these enhanced Tweets with their own followers. Like the link previews on Facebook and Google+, Twitter Cards are most effective for web pages with optimized meta tags and content.

The Advantages of Using Twitter Cards

Tools like Twitter Cards help take your social media marketing efforts to the next level. Here’s a look at some of the potential benefits of incorporating this resource into your comprehensive marketing efforts:

  • They’re enticing and can help drive local traffic – One of the chief reasons for using Twitter – or any social media, for that matter – is to drive traffic to your website and support your SEO efforts. A more attractive Tweet is more likely to fetch a click and draw new readers to your optimized web content.

Twitter Cards may also benefit SEO over the long-term. When search engines index these enhanced Tweets, they may assign value to the pages based on local citations and other social signals. This can be valuable for Google Local rankings.

  • They may help you pick up new followers – Attractive and informative Tweets are more likely to fetch clicks, retweets and favorites. The more your content is shared across Twitter, the more likely you are to pick up new followers and grow your audience.
  • They help establish and reinforce your brand – Twitter is an excellent venue to help grow your brand and establish yourself as an authoritative source. Twitter Cards feature prominent attribution, which can expose your brand and services to a new audience. At the same time, you’ll reinforce your brand with existing followers and readers.

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