Bing Continues To Grow — Should Google Worry Yet?

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July 1, 2009 – Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, is experiencing continued growth while Google simultaneously showed a .3% drop in searches according to new data released by research firm NetApplications (via Mediapost).

While experts believe it will take more than Bing’s 1% market share growth in June to convince online marketers to switch their SEO and PPC accounts from Google just yet, it may be an indication that Bing could grow into a worthy opponent for search engine Mecca Google.

According to additional findings from ComScore, “U.S. searchers reached 16.7% during the work week between June 8 and 12 — up 3% from the May 25-29 work week prior to Bing’s introduction. Microsoft’s share of search result pages in the U.S. — a proxy for overall search — increased to 12.1% during between June 8 and 12, also climbing 3% points from the pre-introduction work week between May 25 and 29.”

Are you giving Bing a chance or will Google continue to dominate the search engine market for years to come?

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