Bing Now Including Wolfram Alpha in Search Results

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November 11, 2009 – In addition to Microsoft releasing the new MSN redesign preview page and converting MSN video to Bing video, they are also updating Bing’s search results by including data from Wolfram Alpha.

The partnership had been rumored for months, practically since Bing’s launch, so it will be exciting to see how Internet searchers respond to the new information in their search results. Unlike Bing, Wolfram Alpha doesn’t search the Internet but takes your query and computes the data.

For the initial rollout, the Wolfram Alpha data will show up alongside queries for nutrition and diet-related Bing searches. So in addition to seeing search engine results about French fries, you’ll also see Wolfram Alpha’s data about the nutritional content of French fries, as in the screenshot below (courtesy of TechCrunch):

Bing screenshot

Don’t worry if you don’t see your Wolfram Alpha data results right away, the new Bing addition is in gradual roll-out mode. They’ll get to us eventually! You’ll know when your WA results finally do show up, as the information will always be accompanied by “computed by Wolfram Alpha”.

Do you think the addition of Wolfram Alpha data will give Bing a boost in the search engine market? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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