Bing Offers Social Media Search Results

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June 21, 2010 – At first glance it may sound like a new privacy issue – your Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets showing up on search engine results. Fear not, because Bing assures their new plan to include social media posts in their search results will omit text, names, and pictures from the result display. The only time social media posts will be accessed is when a post marked “public” contains a link and only the link will be used in results.

This method will prove to be helpful to websites looking to garner some leverage in the highly competitive world of SEO mastery. The top spot on Bing or Google search results is a highly coveted and contested position for websites to hold. As search algorithms change like the wind, so do the strategies SEO companies have to employ to keep your website ranking high.

The posting of links to your law firm’s blog and website articles on social media networks should now give you even more help in achieving the sweet spot at the top of search results. When new content is added to your website, make sure your social media profiles are updated with a link to the page. If you’re a fan of We Do Web Content on Facebook (and if you’re not, you should be!) you’ll see that we’ve done just that with our own blogs.

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