Bing Sets Its Sights on Visual Search

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September 15, 2009 – Microsoft’s search engine Bing, is launching a new visual search feature that will let Internet users visually search items instead of just reading about them or clicking through links.

According to Mediapost, the visual search feature is still in beta, but contains all kinds of cool sorting functions and has about 50 categories so far including, celebrities, movies, cell phones, and even yoga poses. Users will need to download Silverlight, Microsoft’s video software, to run the feature, but if it works, visual search could really open up new avenues for search engine marketing — especially for ecommerce.

To use the Mediapost example, instead of typing in “designer handbags” and scrolling through dozens of search results featuring text, the visual search user could be presented with a photo gallery of handbags they could then sort by price, designer, etc.

Since so many people are visual learners and visual cues and make a larger impression than text, you might not have such a hard time finding that one cool purse you fell in love with but couldn’t remember the brand.

Do you think visual search will change the way you interact with your online customers? Leave a comment and let us know!

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