Launches Click Summary to Expand Analytics Reporting

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November 16, 2009 – Link shortening service is already hugely popular and has even snagged a gig as Twitter’s default URL shortener, partly due to its incredibly valuable analytics data, but now the service is going a step farther to provide online marketers with even more long-term data about their links. is now set to launch Click Summary, a new feature that will allow users to see all of the aggregate data from their links over time.

bitly_logoFor now the Click Summary feature can tell you how many clicks you received on all of your links combined over the last 7 days, but execs say that they are planning to expand that data into monthly views in the near future. Additionally, the feature also includes pie charts and detailed lists that will show users the Top Referrers (domains, i.e. and Locations (countries) for those links along the 7-day timeline.

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