Blog Day 2010!

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Time to celebrate, it’s the 5th annual Blog Day!

As promised, we’re joining in the celebration by linking you to 5 of our favorite blogs:

The Great Legal Marketing Blog
A super resource for tips, news, and strategies for boosting your legal marketing. The blog’s owner, Ben Glass, is one of the top legal marketing gurus in the country and he’s helped hundreds of law firms and attorneys improve their legal marketing skills. We Do Web Content is proud to provide Ben with content for his Great Legal Marketing and Ben Glass Law websites.

Virginia Beach Lawyer Divorce & Legal News Blog
Another one of our long-time clients, Charlie Hofheimer, runs this blog dealing with divorce, child custody, and child support. The catch? His law firm handles divorce cases for women only. Certainly a niche market, but a successful one! He’s got some great posts about all aspects of divorce in Virginia, from how grandparents can be affected by divorce to changes in Virginia divorce law.

Disability Law Claims Blog
The Social Security and Veterans’ disability claim attorneys at LaVan & Neidenberg P.A. have a special place in our hearts at We Do Web Content as they were the first clients we ever served! A few years later, we still help provide their website with quality content related to Social Security disability and Veterans disability claims.

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks
An amusing collection of signs posted with “unnecessary” quotation marks. One of our content managers, Tricia, submitted an entry this year and was featured. Like many similarly themed photo blogs, they’ve published a book of their more notable images.

Passive Aggressive Notes
For anyone who’s ever worked in an office, lived in a dorm or apartment complex, or parked in a public parking area, this blog is for you. This popular photo blog is full of those notes that try to be nice, but end up coming across snarky. This is a great blog to flip through on your lunch break, or those 3AM nights when you just can’t sleep.

Those are our blog picks – what are some of your favorite blogs? Post a comment here or head over to our Facebook page to discuss your blog obsessions! More and more people are blogging, whether to promote their business or just share their personal interests. Many blogs have become so popular that they’ve been turned into books and even movies!

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