Discovering The Right Key Phrases for Your Website

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May 20, 2010 – There’s a ton of resources out there that can help you discover the best key phrases for your website. Key phrases are the important little breadcrumbs that will lead your next client to your website via search engines. Figuring out the right combination of key phrases to use will make developing your website content easier and better suited for the search engine spiders (as well as your potential clients).

One of the best ways to test potential key phrases is by looking directly at what real users are searching for. Google’s keyword tool allows you to see global and local hits for any key phrase you enter. If you use Google Analytics or any other sort of website analytics system they’ll also be able to provide a detailed report about which key phrases are bringing the visitors to your website.

One tried-and-true marketing method is seeing what your competition is doing. Take a look at other local attorneys’ websites and see what kind of key phrases they’re using. Even better? Ask your clients directly. If you have a recent client who found you through your website, ask them if they remember what sort of key phrases they were searching with. This will help you to understand how your clients think.

Your key phrases are the first “key” to getting a client to go from being a searcher to a visitor on your website. Our article on choosing keywords to attract the perfect client goes more in-depth about how to develop these key phrases.

Good lawyer marketing with a website requires a mixture of good key phrases and well-updated, relevant content that incorporates these key phrases. The search engine spiders are attracted by keywords, but it takes SEO content to really impress them and rank your website higher on the search engine results.

At We Do Web Content we provide key phrase identification and integration when we produce your custom content. The more frequently updated your website is, the more appealing it is to search engine results. For help getting started on boosting your website to #1 in the search engine rankings, contact us today! 888-521-3880.