Blogging is Like Stand-up Comedy, Keep It Fresh

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Blogging is one of the quickest forms of web content to go viral. This is because in general, blogs are designed to talk about what’s currently going on in the world. They’re one of the few types of web content that has somewhat of a shelf life.

I was reading a recent interview on eBook publisher 40K’s website. They recently published a new novel by science fiction writer and Wired blogger, Bruce Sterling, and asked his opinion on the death of the long-form novel. His response was a good analogy of the blogging world:

“I’d suggest trying to imagine somebody in the year 2062 sitting down to read “the best tweets of 2012.” Does that prospect sound at all plausible to you? I’m a blogger and I’m very keen on randomly-assembled narrative chunks, but I’ve always known that blog content has a short shelf-life. It’s like doing stand-up comedy.”

I really liked his comparison of blogging to stand-up comedy. I’m a fan of several stand-up comedians and go to shows regularly. However, if a comedian doesn’t keep their material fresh, I’m not going to pay $30-50 again to see the same jokes I saw from last year’s tour.

A blog can be very much the same. The successful blogs are generally very timely and relevant to the hot topics in their industry. Music blogs shouldn’t be talking about the golden oldies unless there’s a re-release or anniversary event coming up. Fashion blogs need to be talking about what’s hot for 2013 or they’re behind the times.

Blogging as News and Information Web Content

Blogging is the current go-to for the latest news, and if you have an authoritative blog you can often find yourself being cited by other blogs. This is FANTSTIC for your social media marketing and Internet reputation, not to mention your search engine ranking!

So how do you constantly generate hot blog topics? This is something I contend with on a daily basis, as I ghostwrite for several of our clients’ daily blogs. Here are a few tricks I’ve picked up along the way:

  • Follow other blogs – not to outright copy them, but to get your brain going. I read several blogs on all sorts of topics and a story or idea covered by another blogger almost always piques my interest enough to turn it into a blog of my own. That’s how I got this story – I read the interview on 40k’s blog and that spurred today’s topic!
  • Read the news – every business industry has some sort of news happening somewhere in the world. It may not be 100 percent relevant to your specific company, but that just challenges you to spin it in your direction! A fresh take on a piece of news is always welcome – just make sure you’re playing it safe when speculating on news stories.
  • Talk about yourself – you are your web content. Office news, personal tales, anything that happened recently can make a great human interest blog topic that lets your clients/readers take a peek behind the scenes to see what your business is doing outside of your advertising.
  • Lists – you have opinions, express them! Top 10 lists on important topics are great draws for blog traffic. Especially for our personal injury clients, when safety ratings come out for consumer products it’s great to put in your two-cents about what’s rated.

Keep a pen and paper handy at all times, because blogging ideas can pop into your head at any time. Reading through e-mails, driving around town, chatting with friends – I find blog topics wherever I go and after that it’s just a matter of fleshing them out into relevant web content!

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