Boost Your Newsletter Marketing With Special Editions

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In the world of content marketing, consistency is important, especially when it comes to eNewsletters. If you’re creating a monthly or quarterly publication, don’t skip an issue or you may lose readership. However, there’s no rule that says you can’t add a special edition to give your readers a little bonus, especially around the holidays!

What’s special about special editions?

A special edition is just that – a special version of your regular newsletter. It’s something unexpected, which can be a great way to boost readership. Your loyal followers expect to see your newsletter in their inbox or mailbox around the first of the month, so imagine their intrigue when they see a special edition arrive in the middle of the month!

A special edition newsletter allows you the opportunity to break out of your normal format and deliver a different type or tone of content. If your regular eNewsletter tends to be more technical and business-like, you can use a special edition issue to lighten things up.

For example, let’s say your business is a family law practice that normally publishes a newsletter full of articles on marital property and child custody agreements. You may want to do a lighter-hearted special issue on back to school tips and advice when September rolls around as parents are getting ready for another school year to begin.

The Many Uses of Special Edition Newsletters

Throughout the year, and especially depending on your industry, there are dozens of opportunities for special edition content. Here are a few ideas for your next special edition:

  • seasonal tips, tricks, and information (especially local events!);
  • industry information (recaps on big conferences, new laws/regulations);
  • holiday fun;
  • local news/spotlights; and
  • news specifically about your business and employees.

Before you decide on a theme for your special edition, ask yourself two things: what would my audience want to read and what is my goal for writing a special edition?

You know your readership best, so consider their interests before picking a topic for your special issue. Family-oriented businesses may want to push content that has to do with kids and family-friendly events, while safety-related businesses could benefit from sharing safety tips and advice for the holidays.

Write your special edition with a goal in mind. If you run a locksmith service and you just attended a home show where you became a distributor of a new home security system, write content that raises interest in the new products and entices readers to contact you for purchase.

Producing a monthly newsletter takes a lot of effort, especially when you’re producing special edition issues as well! We Do Web Content can help make your newsletter a reality – just fill out our contact form for a free consultation and let us convince you that having your own monthly newsletter is easier than you think! Call today – 888-521-3880.