Boosting your reputation? It’s Time to Write Your eBook

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How often have you seen your competitors offering free things on their website? Free consultation, free info packet, free DVD, free eBook…these are all marketing tools, the “hook” to get them to contact a business for more information. An info packet is usually just a bunch of pamphlets with text from online articles and a DVD is usually videos better distributed on YouTube.

Then, there’s the wonderful world of free eBooks marketing.

Our eBook Marketing Plan in Five Easy Steps

I can’t be expected to write a whole book AND publish it!

If you’re saying this, you have yet to discover the wonderful world of eBook marketing with We Do Web Content. When you hire a dedicated SEO Internet marketing firm like us, we do all the work for you! In fact, the process couldn’t be easier on your part.

Here’s the We Do Web Content eBook creation process:

  • We develop the list of topics that your clients are searching for information on.
  • You choose a topic and we help you set up the chapters/contents and target length for maximum relevancy.
  • Our skilled writing, research and editing teams go to work drafting up your book content.
  • Once the text draft has your approval, our publishing team enhances your eBook with a digitally functional layout and graphics upon request.
  • Your eBook is digitally published and ready for distribution either via direct download from your website or via e-mail.

Be aware – once that PDF hits your hands it’s not over! The next and most important task is to market that book and get it in the hands of your potential clients.

How do you market something that’s already free?

The book isn’t really what we’re trying to sell – we’re trying to sell YOU! Not just your business, either, one of the many benefits of eBook marketing (aside from how easy it is) is that it helps boost the author’s reputation. When someone puts their name on a book – digital or printed – they’re putting their reputation on the line.

Authors don’t write books on subjects they don’t know inside and out. You are an authority in your industry – the most knowledgeable doctor/lawyer/gardener/dog walker in your local area – and you want your potential clients to know that. When they see that “Attorney Bob Loblaw” has a new eBook out on the new rules for PIP car insurance claims in Florida, they’ll know that he’s a personal injury attorney that’s really on top of the PI world.

As for direct marketing and client conversion, offering that free eBook on your website is how you can gather more client leads without being pushy about it. It’s a subtle marketing tool – you offer them more but only if they want to make that request. We use eBooks hand in hand with our SEO articles and blogs. The content there gives us an opportunity to insert subtle hints to readers that they can get a completely free guide to more relevant and useful content by filling out a request form on your website.

This request form gives you the contact information for a potential client who’s interested in what you have to say – after that it’s just a matter of following up with that contact to convert him or her into a client!

Get Your Own Team of eBook Ghostwriters at We Do Web Content

Successful business owners don’t need to add “writing an eBook” to their to-do list – you have a business to run and a life to enjoy! From topic generation to eBook formatting and launch, our eBook ghostwriting team does it all for you!

A simple phone call or submission of our contact form will get you in touch with our sales team who can show you how eBook marketing can become an integral part of your Internet marketing strategy! Call today, 888-594-5442.