“Botox Parties” May Put Your Health at Risk

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Are you considering attending a Botox party? Unfortunately, these parties, which are events where several people provide each other with Botox injections, are becoming increasingly popular.

Before risking your health at a Botox party, consider these questions:

  • Were you asked to provide a complete medical history before attending the Botox party?
  • Have you been advised about alternative wrinkle treatment options that are available?
  • Have you been told about the risks that are associated with Botox cosmetic injections?
  • Is a qualified healthcare professional administering the Botox treatments?
  • Is the setting where you are receiving your Botox injections appropriate for a medical situation and are they prepared to handle an emergency?
  • Do you know for sure what you will be injected with?
  • Are you prepared to follow the necessary post-treatment instructions?
  • Will you receive the proper follow-up care to your Botox cosmetic treatment?

If you could not answer yes to each question, you need to seriously reconsider attending a Botox party.

Remember, receiving Botox treatments is a medical procedure. Furthermore, it is possible for something to go wrong which would put your health at risk. No amount of monetary savings or beauty is worth hurting your health.

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