Branding Lessons From Billy Mays

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July 14, 2009 – Search Engine Watch posted a great article earlier today about how online marketers can learn a few valuable web marketing tips from infomercials featuring the late Billy Mays.

Mays, who passed away on June 28, was infamous for As Seen On TV ads that featured a variety of inexpensive products delivered in his instantly recognizable, booming voice. So what could this pop-culture informerical king teach marketers about branding? Well frankly, a lot.

Part of the reason for Mays’ success had to do with a great marketing strategy that fully incorporated a well-defined brand identity, value, a quick and impressive demonstration of how this product would help solve a customer’s problem (even if they didn’t know they had one to begin with), and a call to action. Basically, his 2-5 minute pitches managed to hit almost every important point we should all be striving for in our online marketing efforts.

For more insight as to how Billy Mays should be influencing your Internet marketing strategies, check out Herndon Hasty’s entire article on Search Engine Watch.

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