Burger King’s Twitter Hacked – How Safe is Your Social Media?

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Recently, fast food giant Burger King lost control of its Twitter account which quickly became a festival of McDonald’s propaganda and weird tweets. Within hours the account was locked down so Twitter and the BK social media team could straighten things out. It’s unclear how the account was hacked.

Social media and Internet safety has been a hot issue ever since the first password encryption was developed. There are two main ways you can lose control of your social media accounts: hackers and poor management.

While there may be little your business can do to protect its social media accounts from determined hackers (if Anonymous can hack U.S. government websites, a hacker can probably access your Twitter account), you CAN be proactive in regularly changing passwords, using caution when clicking on any social media links, and creating a safe social media access policy for your accounts.

Who’s got the keys to the castle?

Social media profiles can easily be accessed from anywhere – your PC, smartphones, tablets. While this is super convenient, it’s also a super security risk, especially with those mobile devices. It’s a common prank among teens and college students to grab each other’s phones (which are usually auto-logged in to their Facebook profiles) and post silly status updates. Now imagine if this happened to your account – which is tied to your business’s Facebook page.

Limiting the number of people who have administrative control over your business’s social networking profiles is the best practice. Facebook has created admin levels so you can set multiple admins but control what role they serve, and if you have several collaborators on your page this is a good idea to implement.

However, less is more when it comes to managing social media. When posting as your business you want to keep things third-person, unless of course you are your business, in which case you’ll be talking as yourself. Too many voices “behind the curtain” can create inconsistent content on your profiles – different writing styles, topics, etc.

At We Do Web Content we keep our business page between three people, the boss, the sales manager, and the social media manager. We try to keep a consistent tone in our posts so we represent the company, rather than our individual voices.

Develop Your Social Media Strategy with Our Help

While no one can guarantee the complete safety of your social media accounts, We Do Web Content can guarantee that you’ll never worry about the quality of the content you share on your profiles when it’s coming from us!

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