Burying Bad Internet Press Has Become a Business

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October 25, 2010 – Similar to buying every copy of a magazine to avoid a potentially embarrassing/damaging news story or photo from hitting the public, celebrities are notorious for using companies to help bury bad Internet press.

Just like most Internet technology, some enterprising companies have found ways to use SEO to help high-profile professionals like celebrities, politicians and businessmen ensure that only the positive articles and blogs about them reach the top spots of their search engine results.

Many businesses have taken huge hits from negative consumer reviews. Depending on the type of clients you work with, a bad transaction could cost your company more than a single account. Most of today’s consumers are very Internet savvy and if you cross the wrong client you may find your business on the receiving end of an online attack campaign.


There’s plenty of webpages some businesses would love to bury.

So what’s a business to do when their search engine results are overrun by blog posts, websites, and reviews that only say bad things about the company? They hire a SEO company to bury those results! Many SEO companies have switched gears to specialize in burying negative press, rather than optimizing sites to rank for good search terms.

SEO is becoming a new battleground for learning who can shout louder: the consumer or the company. In many cases, it’s all about who’s willing to throw around more money for buying keywords and multiple website domains.

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There’s no need to use paid keywords or website saturation to get rid of negative press on the Internet.
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