Business Marketing Ideas for Promoting Your Business

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Marketing is multi-faceted and new business marketing ideas are popping up every day. While some may become long-term options, it’s hard to tell whether the “next big thing” will be worth your investment. When you’re deciding how to promote your business, you need to develop a business marketing plan with room to grow while staying true to its roots.


magine your business marketing plan as a tree – new business marketing ideas grow from the ‘marketing methods’ core to sustain your overall marketing efforts. As media evolves and customers respond to different forms of marketing, you need to look at each new branch and decide whether or not it’s an appropriate way to attract new clients and customers to help your business grow.

Don’t know how to promote your business? Check Out These Business Marketing Ideas

T.V. Commercials – Did you know that most consumers who make purchases online are still influenced to do so by TV? According to an April 2012 report from ExactTarget on online consumers, 53 percent of those surveyed said that a TV ad influenced their decision to purchase a product or service. Television advertising can be tailored to reach certain target audiences by broadcasting on the right channels at the right times.

Billboard Ads –If your business is located near a major highway or road, you could be advertising to thousands of drivers every day. Arbitron’s In-Car Study 2009 found that an average of 71 percent of the U.S. population aged 18 and older noticed the advertising presented on roadside billboards.

Radio Ads – Arbitron’s Radio Toady 2013 report shows that about 92 percent of the U.S. population listened to the radio during an average week in Spring 2012. People listen to the radio either by their own choice, or they’re exposed to it in stores, doctors’ offices and other public places. When you advertise on radio, you can review the demographics of each station and decide where your message will most effectively reach your target audience.

Fundraising – Supporting charitable organizations can be an attention-getter, especially when marketing to a local area. If you fundraise for a cause that’s near and dear to your target audience’s heart, you can gain substantial visibility with those potential clients while doing something good for the community in turn!

PPC – Pay-Per-Click Internet marketing can work for just about any business if you invest the time and effort into developing the right business marketing plan. PPC advertising takes extensive keyword research and months of testing and tweaking your campaign until you get the results you want – but once you find the right formula, the results can be fantastic!

Telemarketing – Don’t let the stereotypes fool you, telemarketing CAN work for capturing the right target audience if done correctly. While cold calling is considered a dying practice, if you have a legitimate phone list targeting your ideal clients, this may be a workable business marketing idea.

Sponsoring –Name recognition and brand promotion are important components of how to promote your business and sponsorships are one way to get your name in lights. Your sponsorships can help improve your business’s image by sponsoring the proper entities that are also supported or noticed by your target audience.

Networking – Chamber of commerce meetings, industry seminars, and just plain word of mouth – these are some of the networking opportunities your business can seek out to improve marketing. Even if the person or company you’re connecting with isn’t in need of your product or service, they may know someone who is!

Website Content – One of the most diverse business marketing ideas, website content takes many forms: articles, blogs, press releases, videos, social media, eBooks, newsletters, photos. Anything you put on the Internet to draw attention to your business is website content and a potential method for marketing to your target audience.

Benefits of Utilizing These Business Marketing Ideas and Others

Deciding how to promote your business is largely dependent on two things: your budget and your target audience. That doesn’t mean that your budget should restrict your business marketing ideas – you just have to get creative and let each of your marketing efforts work together and build off of each other.

For example, you could combine efforts to create a newsworthy fundraising event and contact local media, write an online press release, and draw attention to the fundraiser through social media. You might also promote a recent television commercial via online video and social media to spread your message to new viewers.

The other side of a successful business marketing plan is to choose marketing mediums based on what your target audience is most likely to respond to. If you provide business services, a business-to-business (B2B) networking seminar could benefit you more than a billboard ad. Likewise, if your target audience is middle-class families with children, you’ll likely find more success by sponsoring a local youth sports team over telemarketing.

When deciding how to promote your business, remember that no one knows your customers better than you. Not all marketing methods will fit into your business marketing plan, and that’s okay – it’s best to focus on what works rather than trying to make every method work for you.

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