Can Turn a Profit?

By  |  Published, the wonderful little service that makes your long URLs well, little is a great space saver for Twitter posts, blogs, online chats, etc., but just like any other incredibly innovative online service, they are still figuring out how to monetize their business.

Slate published a great article recently about the phenom known as and how other URL shortening services have come and gone or are just struggling along (i.e. RealNames and TinyURL). The hope is that widely used (which is now Twitter’s default link shortener) will not only find a way to stay relevant and keep those shortened links active (they say they do), but will find a way to actually make money off a service everyone uses.

While the article suggests several ideas that could be in the works, the most exciting idea for online marketers deals with the evolution of’s tracking software to include more detailed tracking stats as well as the ability to run message testing and other fun tricks to track on your social media efforts. Of course, all this detailed info would come with a subscription fee, but the price may end up being well worth it if can deliver the level of tracking results they are suggesting for a reasonable sum.

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