Can Bruno Save MySpace?

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June 19, 2009 – Sacha Baron Cohen may just have what it takes to put declining social media powerhouse, MySpace back on everyone’s radar through his new movie’s unique “MeinSpace” page.

Cohen, who’s previous satirical romp, 2006’s Borat, made over $260 million worldwide, is bringing his signature style to MySpace or “MeinSpace” as his Austrian character Bruno calls it, with the release of his new Bruno movie. The film follows the exploits of a satirical, gay television reporter that navigates the world of fashion and celebrity in Cohen’s notroiously over-the-top bravado.

The MySpace deal, which is said to be an integration of News Corp (owner of MySpace), Media Rights Captial, and Universal Pictures is already picking up significant traffic including over 330,000 “freunds”. The new MySpace page was also the first to debut The Bruno Movie’s restricted trailer, and if Cohen’s predilection for guerrilla marketing and social media continues, more surprises are sure to come.

Read the entire article in AdAge.

Could future movie studio/celebrity collaborations with MySpace be enough to put it back on the map or is this the last gasp of a dying social media’s crumbling empire? Tell us what you think!

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