Can Lawyers stay competitive with The Google 3-pack?

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Local SEO and the question you may be asking yourself as a lawyer and small business owner.

How do I stay competitive with the Google 3-pack?

I was recently at the PILMMA Super Summit in Utah with hundreds of smart attorneys making a difference in their overall marketing efforts. Among the smart attorneys is a close friend and colleague Seth Price. Seth was also a presenter this year at the 2016 PILMMA Summit where he taught lawyers about his law firm success and engaged the crowd with the in’s and out’s of the Google 3-pack and what you need to do as a law firm and small business owner to stay competitive.

In the video below, I interview Seth Price on the tips we should be looking for to compete on Google Local and answering questions about, NAP, multiple locations, satellite offices, multiple attorneys, content and more.

Click below and watch the video.

How do I get my website on the Google Local 3-Pack?

Law firm on Google 3 pack

Google changed their local display from 7 to 3 spots and the struggle to stay visible has become more competitive. One of the most important tips for keeping or getting on top is having a consistent Name Adress Phone (NAP). It’s integral to your success to keep a strict watch on your citations and make sure your (NAP) is accurate on your website, local directories, and social media channels.

A couple of additional factors that can help your local placement are local reviews and building quality links to your website.

Local Reviews

Today’s educated and phone-slinging shopper is intelligent and has the ability and technology to quickly research their service provider. Therefore, having client reviews will benefit your business and show a positive experience for the searcher. Encourage your happy clients to leave you a review and start seeing your client list grow.

Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks remain one of Google’s major ranking factors. You can easily spy on your competitors and see the links your competitors have.  Run your website through Ahrefs and see what links you and your competitors have or don’t have and start creating compelling content to enhance the authority of your website. To learn more about quality backlinks watch our webinar here.

What Citation Management Software can I use?

There are a couple of software programs that can check and help you verify your NAP. We like to use Yext or MOZlocal. However, we recommend manually checking and correcting citations with each directory.

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