CareerBuilder Launches Social Network to Combat LinkedIn

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August 20, 2009 – When it comes to professional social networking, LinkedIn, with its reported 11 million users is easily at the top of the pyramid. But of course, when any one company seems to have a lock on a market (ahem, Myspace), another company will naturally try to take that guy down a notch and come out with something better.

Well in this case, job finding service CareerBuilder is ready to throw their hat in the ring with a new social network that was clearly created to complete directly with LinkedIn, called BrightFuse. The new social media network will allow job seekers and those hiring to create profiles, get reccommendations from contacts, participate in community activities, and even display their Twitter and RSS feeds.

While I have not yet tested BrightFuse, as someone who used to use CareerBuilder, I can only hope that this new social network will help keep the spamming to a minimum, though I kinda doubt it. Unfortunately I have personally found way more fake jobs, consumer scams, and other morally reprehensible fraud companies posting as “jobs” than actual legimate job opportunities — but that is just me, lots of other people seem to find work this way.

Other similar networks are also being planned as the Wall Street Journal allegedly is planning their own job-finding social network called WSJ Connect.

Check out more about BrightFuse on Mediapost.

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