Catching Clients’ Attention in 140 Characters or Less

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Blog Series: Enhancing Your Content for Social Media Success

June 16, 2011 
– Practice makes perfect when you start having to condense your content lead-ins to 140 characters or less when tweeting.

Our blog earlier this week talked about the importance of introductions to your content links, and Twitter intros are a whole new ballgame when it comes to writing. You need to be able to grab readers’ attention in a mere 140 characters – and that includes punctuation, spaces, and yes, even your link URL.

One of the best tricks we’ve found is the use of URL shorteners like or for HootSuite, This takes a long link like:

and shortens it to something much more tweet-friendly:

Less space taken up, same fresh content link!

Luckily, Twitter warns you when you’re going over the character limit, so after a bit of back and forth changing out words for shorter synonyms you’ll get the hang of things. Your thesaurus will soon become your best friend.

While you want to save space on your character count, remember to remain professional while writing your link intros for a tweet. Don’t resort to slang or Internet abbreviations unless absolutely necessary. “You’re” is worth the extra 4 characters over “ur” when it comes to maintaining a professional image.


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