Catering to the Era of Smartphones

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November 4, 2010 – It seems like everyone’s poking at a small handheld device to get their latest sports scores, stock quotes, and email. The era of the smartphone is here, and according to Nielsen reports, it’s not going anywhere for quite some time.

Recent polls have shown that the popularity of smartphones (that’s the buzzword for the application-running, feature-rich, Internet-equipped phones) continues to grow among U.S. mobile phone users. Right now, 28% of mobile users are on smartphones and of those who recently acquired a new mobile device within the last 6 months, 41% made the upgrade to a smartphone rather than a standard feature phone. That’s a 6% increase from the last quarter!


The new home for search!

While the Blackberry platform was the former standard for on-the-go Internet and email access, the Apple iPhone has nearly caught up with 28% of the marketshare, trailing the Blackberry by a mere 2%. Hot on their heels is the newer Android platform which is at 19% and growing with the numerous models running the operating system.

So what does all this smartphone growth and popularity have to do with content for the average business? If you’re looking to grab the attention of local users, you’re going to have to not only make your content mobile-friendly, but you need to explore the various types of local search and directory apps that your potential customers are using to find businesses in their area.

Remember that mobile devices have much smaller screens than a standard PC monitor, and users are less apt to read huge chunks of text while on-the-go. Your landing pages need to be kept short and to the point to get your message across quickly and effectively. This doesn’t mean you need to stop creating longer articles – those aren’t normally what a mobile user is searching for anyway.

As for being more visible in the mobile search world, the nature of your business is important in determining the type of local directory apps where you’ll want to be featured. For retail and service businesses like restaurants and dog groomers, you’re going to want to look for applications that tailor to your niche.

For instance; Urbanspoon, a popular restaurant suggestion app, is free to download to consumers and a free place to list your eatery. You may even be on there already if a loyal customer added you!Many smartphone users utilize apps like these to explore new places in unfamiliar cities, and locals use them to discover something new.

Mobile technology has taken the Yellowbook format and given it a modern makeover with the Yellowbook mobile application for all platforms. Your free directory listing on can be made available to anyone using the Yellowbook mobile app! And don’t forget the importance of your Google Places listing – Google Maps is the default map provider for Apple iPhones and available on all other platforms!

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