Celebrate Google’s Small Business Week with These Online Marketing Tips

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Google is celebrating Small Business Week this week and we’d like to salute the small businesses across the country that keep our economy diverse and active! We Do Web Content is proud to be a Plantation, Florida local business that helps other businesses big and small get the most out of their online marketing, web content and social media resources.

To show our support for small businesses everywhere, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips to help small businesses grow their online presence and market their business through the power of the Internet. You don’t need to be a tech junkie to harness the power of Google, Facebook and all the other big platforms – you just need the right web content strategy!

Tips for Generating Good Web Content

Our first tip is to understand what you want to accomplish with your content before you begin creating it. What is the goal for your online marketing? Is it to:

  • Expand your list of clients?
  • Attract a new demographic?
  • Announce a new product or service? or
  • Expand your service area?

Once you have a goal in mind, you need to know whose attention you need to catch to meet that goal. That’s our second tip – research your audience. You want to have an image of your target audience in mind as you create your web content. Learn to speak their language, find out what motivates them and what they want to get out of your content – then give it to them!

Our third tip is all about keywords. Research the keywords that are both relevant to your business and ranking for search results in regards to your content. If you’re a shoe store and neon running shoes are what your customers keep demanding, some of your content can focus on “neon running shoes” as a primary keyword.

Tips for Marketing Your Web Content Online

The last tip regarding keyword research brings us to the next important part of online marketing your web content – getting found. Keywords are one of the strongest methods of ranking on the search engines, which is where most of your audience will go when they’re looking for your particular business.

This brings us to our fourth tip – learn how to work with the search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo – they all use queries as a method of knowing what a user wants, and they match those queries to the most relevant web content. Queries are nothing more than keywords – keywords that you could be ranking for if you optimize your web content appropriately. We recently covered keyword optimizationin depth, so make sure to give that article a read when you’re getting ready to write!

Search engines are still the main way that most people locate what they’re looking for, but sometimes potential business clients doesn’t know exactly what they’re looking for – if they’re even looking at all. If you’re looking to capture a more “impulse buyer” audience, you definitely need to pay attention to our final tip – market outside the search box.

Online marketing has grown far beyond just having a website and getting found on Google. Now we have social media marketing, which brings in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and so many more social platforms, each with their own nuances and unique user base. Investigate which of these networks resonates with your target audience and ensure that your web content is reaching these communities.

Small businesses don’t need to have an in-house marketing agency to reap the benefits of online marketing. You need to know your audience and some dedication to quality web content! At We Do Web Content quality web content is what we do, and we have the tools and knowledge to help you identify your target audience. Contact us today at 888-521-3880 to learn about our services and how your business can benefit from our online marketing plans!