Celebrity Sex Addiction

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In late August of 2008, stories began to surface regarding actor David Duchovny’s decision to seek treatment regarding his sexual addiction.

The actor, who has starred in hit television shows such as “X-Files” and “Californication,” issued a statement announcing that he was voluntarily going to rehab in order to receive treatment for his addiction to sex.

What Is Sex Addiction?

According to the Mayo Clinic, sexual addiction is also known as compulsive sexual behavior. Sex Addiction is a disorder in which a person cannot resist the temptation or impulse to gratify his or her sexual urges.

The National Council on Sexual Addiction Compulsivity states that approximately 6-8% of Americans are addicted to sex. As a person’s tolerance begins to build up, the behavior must intensify for the addict to get the same effect.

Symptoms of Sexual Addiction

The symptoms of sexual addiction may include the following:

  • Engaging in extra material affairs.
  • Engaging in sexual acts with multiple partners.
  • Hiring prostitutes.
  • Frequently using pornography.
  • Frequently calling phone sex hotlines.
  • Masturbating compulsively.

Treatment of Sexual Addiction

There are sexual addiction treatment centers across the United States that assist addicts in overcoming their compulsive sexual behaviors. Support groups, such as Sex Addicts Anonymous, are also helpful in overcoming sexual addiction.

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