Chatting About Photo Contests

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November 7, 2011 – We launched our Photo Contest on October 18 and phase 1 of gaining new “likes” to the We Do Web Content Facebook page has already generated 42 new fans – welcome!

The goal we had in mind was two-fold with this contest. First we wanted to connect to more potential clients through getting more users to “like” our page. Second, we wanted to increase our brand awareness. Each component of our contest was designed to meet those two goals.

Part 1 – Canned food donation incentive. For those not really interested in the actual prize-winning contest portion, we still wanted to offer an incentive for spreading the word. That reward is a donation of a canned good to a local food bank.

Part 2 – Friend support incentive. For fans who DO want to participate in the photo contest, we added the requirement that the winning photo must have the most “likes.” This is easier to do when you have your friends all like our page and then your photo!

Part 3 – Prize incentive. We wouldn’t expect people to willingly print out a Browser cutout and tote him around for photo ops without the chance to win something in return. Therefore, we’re offering up an iPod Touch to those who help spread one of our office icons around the Internet!

We’re not the only business that has held a mascot photo contest! National companies likeSweet Tomatoes have run promotions where diners are encouraged to submit photos of their mascot Sweetie in interesting places for a chance to win gift cards.

You can even see this happening locally, like at one of my favorite seafood restaurants on Florida’s Space Coast, Dixie Crossroads. While they’re not running a contest right now, they’re bringing their mascot, Mr. Rock, to different places via traveling associates. He was in China several weeks ago and was recently spotted at a tea plantation.

I recently spent a week working remotely in Orlando and brought Browser to a few fun places. Here he is enjoying a delicious hibachi dinner at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse on International Drive:


Keep an eye on our Facebook page this week to see where else Browser went! And don’t forget, our Photo Contest continues through December 15!

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