Check out the Google+ Pages Cosmetic Changes For Your Business

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Last week Google+ rolled out some minor cosmetic changes to its pages tab on your Google+ dashboard, as well as some design changes to your business pages. Even minor changes can bring major benefits to your business’s Internet marketing, so let’s take a look!

Check out your Google+ Dashboard

Here’s a snapshot we took right when we noticed the change on our own dashboard:


t’s a bit cleaner and has more information. We were especially curious about the “new” connected services link – it’s a process to connect your mobile apps and website to your Google+ page. This involves working with your webmaster, so we’ll get into that topic at a later date.

What’s really nice about the layout is that it lets you take a quick look at the performance of your page. We manage multiple Google+ pages for our clients, so it’s great to see them all in one place at a glance. This way we can keep a quick track on when they were posted to last and how their follower rates are doing.

The other thing that caught our attention was the rounded profile image. We wondered what that meant, and promptly found out when we clicked through to our full Google+ business page…

Your Google+ Page Cover is Now HUGE!


Holy huge image, Batman! The cover photo is almost double in height now, which gives your business a lot more visual canvas to play with. If you didn’t already have a cover image set, it defaults to a huge map of your business location and the surrounding area (provided you connected your page to a physical address). Unless you’ve got nothing to show for your business besides your street address – don’t let this “billboard” space go to waste!

Use your cover photo to show off your awesome team, your storefront, or a well-designed graphic banner ad. Google+ isn’t as strict as Facebook when it comes to promotional text and graphics on your banner/cover, so feel free to add some promotional text and graphics. Just don’t be a wall of text, and be mindful of copyright and appropriateness to your audience. A nice balance of images of your business, employees and products with some descriptive text is a great method of eye-catching marketing!

It’s also worth noting that in a purely aesthetic move, Google cropped profile images to circles. This means if you were living in a box before, you’ll probably need to go in and fix your logo or text to ensure it’s not cropped out.

Make Sure Your Business is Keeping Up With Google

Google is constantly making changes and improvements to its services, which means your business needs to stay on top of the announcements! We Do Web Content lives on the forefront of SEO innovation and Internet marketing – let us help keep you up to date! Contact us today and get in touch with our sales team. Call 888-594-5442.