Choosing Local Business Listing Tools: Say Yes to Yext

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Local business listings are collected on multiple directories across the Internet. With dozens of generic listing sites for local businesses, it’s no easy task managing and keeping up with multiple listings when you’re trying to run a successful business.

One of the latest trends in local business listing marketing has been listing management tools. There are many services to choose from, and it can be difficult to decide in which ones to invest your resources. We Do Web Content is here to help you explore the world of local listing SEO management and we’re starting with a service near and dear to our hearts – Yext.

The Basics of Yext

Yext is WDWC’s service of choice when it comes to cleaning up local business listings across multiple platforms without too much hassle. It’s a clean, simple service that can help make sure your listings are uniform across the board.

Yext’s small business services help enhance your local business listing across more than 45 search engines, mobile directories and mobile applications. Aside from allowing you to populate these listings with uniform address formatting, you can also enhance your listings with photos and more detailed information.

Perhaps one of the best services from Yext is that you can track and manage analytics and listing health on one simple dashboard. That way you can see all of the local business listing sites on which your business has a listing and view the status of that listing at any time.

The Cost of Yext

There are two expenses you’ll have with Yext: time and money. The time investment for Yext is minimal – to plug in your business information takes mere minutes out of your day. This is an extremely valuable time savings on your behalf because it will take care of the entire Yext listing portfolio with a few clicks of a mouse. The alternative is to go to each service, sign up for an account, and enter your business information over and over again.

Many of these local business listing services involve verifications, account activations, and each one has different requirements for a “complete listing”. Yext takes care of all of these needs in a single shot, saving you a ton of work and reducing the number of account logins and passwords you have to manage when you need to change your business information.

Which leads us to another point in Yext’s favor – if you’re making a change to your business info it’s much easier to do it once and have it hit multiple listings rather than changing each one. This is a great feature if you’ve moved addresses, added a toll-free number, obtained a new web address, or changed your business hours.

Turning to the subject of cost, there are many levels of service that Yext offers. There are basic a la carte listings where you can pick and choose from the dozens of listing sites to target just the specific ones on which you wish to appear. Listings can cost anywhere from $6 a month to almost $20, so unless you’re really only interested in a few listings, it may be better to go for the PowerListing package.

The PowerListings service, which can cost around $500 to set up, will automatically correct and enhance your listing on the major listing sites. Much more cost-effective for the year!

Let Us Be Your Yext!

We Do Web Content is an authorized Yext reseller, meaning we can take care of all the setup and management of your Yext-enhanced listings. We also offer custom listing enhancement on the major listing sites such as Google+ Local, Yelp, and

While Yext is a great way to make sure you have a uniform address listing across the board, our custom local business listing enhancement and management services can help your business really stand out! Just give us a call or contact us on our website to get the ball rolling on growing your business through local business marketing! 888-594-5442.