Claim Your Name On Social Media

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It’s no secret – URLs are an important part of SEO and getting found on the Internet. Your clients hate long URLs, and Google hates garbled, irrelevant URLs.

While you typically have complete control over your personal website’s URLs, profiles on third-party sites may not be as friendly. However, you have more control over your URLs on third-party social media sites than you may think.

Give Your Facebook Page a Name

When you first create your business Facebook Page you’ll have a URL with the name you gave your page plus a bunch of extra numbers and hyphens. It’s long, ugly, and hard to remember. Luckily, within the page options you can create a custom username!

You’ll want something short and easy to remember, like for us it’s just simply “wedowebcontent” – notice there’s no caps, even if you first type it “WeDoWebContent” Facebook will covert it all to lowercase.

The benefit to claiming a Facebook Page username is twofold – first it’ll give you a shorter, easy to remember URL like and second it’ll keep others from claiming your username and misrepresenting your business.

Grab Your Twitter Handle Before Someone Else Does!

According to Statistic Brain, in September 2012 there were more than 500 million active Twitter accounts. That’s just ACTIVE accounts – there are millions more dead accounts registered, meaning Twitter handles are being snapped up fast. They estimate that there were 150,000 new Twitter accounts registered each day – do you want someone else claiming your business’s name?

All you have to do is register a new account, put in your desired username, and check to see if it’s available. With a bit of luck, you’ll claim your handle before someone else does! We grabbed@wedowebcontent when we first founded our company, so it’s easy for anyone who knows our business name to follow us!

Google+ Pages Custom URLs and Other Services

Google+ Pages is still working on its custom URL service, so you’ll have to sit tight until they get the situation straightened out. Once it’s fully rolled out, we imagine it’ll be similar to how Facebook’s usernames work, so keep your ear to the ground for the announcement that it’s a common feature.

Other social media and local business services allow for custom URLs or usernames to make links to these profiles more relevant. MerchantCircle is one of the popular local business listing sites that allow a shortened custom URL if you decide to pick a username. Check the settings or profile setup for any local directory sites you’re listed on to see if they offer this option – and use it!

Let We Do Web Content Help You Make a Name for Your Business

Whether you’re new to the social networking world or you’ve got an established account list without much action, we can help! Let We Do Web Content claim your listings and start your social media marketing, or regain your ranking in the social networking society. Contact us today and see what we can do for you, 888-594-5442.