Client Testimonials Can Boost Your Website’s SEO

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We’ve covered the power of client testimonials and how they help add credibility to your business’ web content. But did you know that they can also help boost your website’s SEO?

Every time you add a new client testimonial to your page it updates that page’s content. This is a signal to the search engine spiders that your website is keeping current by adding fresh content. Fresh content equals relevancy in the SEO world!

Along with showing the spiders that your content is keeping current, adding client testimonials to boost your website’s SEO helps capture those long-tail keywords relevant to your client’s search. When clients write about their experiences with your company, they’re apt to use the language that other potential clients are searching for.

For example, if you’re an injury law firm you probably throw around the term “premises liability” quite often. However, this is a legal term and may not be a common phrase used by your clients. They’re going to be writing about the excellent job your firm did for their “slip and fall injury case”, not their “premises liability case”. Even better, they may say “the Smith Law Firm helped me get money when I fell at a grocery store” – suddenly you’re capturing the search engine’s attention for “get money when I fell at a grocery store” – a GREAT long-tail keyphrase!

Don’t discount the power of social sharing, either. Once a client testimonial is posted to your website, you’ll want to let that client know their story is up for all to read. In many cases, they’ll want to share with friends and family about their “Internet fame” – having their words as an authority online. Remember that links shared through Facebook and Twitter gain attention from the search engines, too!

Now that you know how powerful client testimonials can be to boost your website’s SEO, go out and get some! Not sure how to start? We’ll be covering that in our next blog!

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