Comments left after online newspaper article investigated

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A federal grand jury in Nevada has convened and is investigating comments left by readers of an article published online by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The article, written by columnist Thomas Mitchell, described the upcoming tax evasion trial of Robert Kahre, a resident of Las Vegas.

Comments left by readers included many sympathetic to Kahre. One person wrote, “I have not filed in over 30 years.”

The grand jury issued subpoenas for every person who commented on the article. Information required by the subpoenas includes:

  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • IP addresses
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Password prompts
  • Security questions
  • Other identifying information

Legal experts believe the subpoena violates free speech rights because it’s overbroad.

To read more about the grand jury investigation of readers comments, click here.

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