Competing with E-Commerce During the Holiday Season

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November 12, 2009 – Part of any successful email newsletter campaign is figuring out how to send your emails and which services are out there to help. At We Do Web Content, we think online newsletters are a very important opportunity to stay connected with past clients and form relationships with all of the new contacts you have generated through your website.

You can also visit our library to learn more about how to write an online newsletter.

There are a lot of different options out there when it comes to how you can email newsletters to your lists. For example:

Feedblitz is a popular service for bloggers, but it also allows users to convert RSS feeds and blogs to email in addition to allowing you to email newsletters. Likewise, Feedburner is a very popular RSS feed management tool that is often used to track the amount of readers for a blog, but it also provides support for emailing newsletters. If you have a blog you may already be using these services without knowing they have built-in online newsletter support.

When it comes to newsletter resources that help you build your email lists and track your email campaigns in addition to sending out your actual newsletter, popular services include:, which allows users to send unlimited HTML emails, allows users to build email lists, design their own emails or use their pre-made templates, and even test the emails for speed, this service is easy to use and includes a feature that lets you track who is reading your newsletters, lets you can create newsletter and email campaigns as well as track their progress,  just like it sounds, this service helps you build full color newsletters using your own design or their pre-made templates, create, customize, and track your newsletters from start to finish

So what are you waiting for? Get your newsletter started today and start connecting with your clients ASAP! Of course, if you need help writing and putting together a newsletter for your law firm, We Do Web Content is here to help!

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