Concerns Speak Louder Than Actions When it Comes to Social Media Privacy

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A lot of social media network users are concerned about the privacy of the information they post online, however, not many of them are doing anything about it according to research released from Webroot, a security solutions company (via ReadWriteWeb). Webroot created a survey aimed at users of social media networks like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and others to determine behaviors and insights from folks who are currently involved in social networking.

According to Webroot’s survey, 78% of social media users reported that they are concerned about the privacy levels surrounding the information in their profile, but when asked further about what actions they take to protect their privacy online there was a huge disconnect.

80% of the users who were concerned about privacy allowed their profiles (in part or in full) to be indexed by Google and other public search engines. 66% of the social media users questioned did not restrict any of their profile information access.

Part of these numbers are clearly due to the constant confusion regarding privacy settings on social media profiles. A lot of people don’t know how to use these privacy controls or are sometimes completely unaware that their information is being publicly indexed.

Do you think social media privacy settings are hard to use? Should this information be indexed (great for marketers) or is there a limit to what information should be made public, even when we are posting it online?

Tell us what you think!

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